Cute things to say to your crush – Words that touch the heart!

Having a crush on someone brings a different kind of thrill to your life, the way you feel on listening to his/her name, the flutters that you get in your stomach, the blush on your face, you just cannot gather the courage to let your crush know about your feelings for him/her. When you try to impress your crush, you resort to many ways to make them fall really hard for you. One of the best ways to do so is through words with lovable and cute things to say to your crush. While striking up a conversation with your crush, you just have to present yourself with the right choice of words and you are sorted!

Once you have got their interest, it becomes very easy for you to draw them out. It is frustrating when your crush doesn’t even seem to notice you, isn’t it? You really want to let that person know how you feel about him/her and the best way to resort to this is by saying sweet things that could mean a lot to them and make a long-lasting impression. While in most cases, once people have their crushes standing in front of them they tend to be in a state of nervousness with their hearts beating fast and they are short of words. All you need to do in such times is find the right time paired with right words and say the perfect and cute things that they would love to hear. 

Cute Things To Say To Your Crush – Words That Will Definitely Get You Noticed!

#1. You are adorable and awesome, but I like you much more than that! Really a lot!

#2. You make my day by simply being around! You are just so Wow!

#3. We should meet more often, there is something about you that simply doesn’t want to leave your side!

#4. My life has never been perfect, i find myself smiling more often, and that’s all because of you!

#5. I like you a lot more than I had planned to, really! You bring me butterflies like in the movies!

#6. You are like the brightest star in my sky, you make my world shining with your presence!

#7. I love it when you wish me good night, sweet dreams… Coz then I have you in my dreams!

#8. You are on my mind all day long, you have the most amazing smile!

#9. Let’s watch the sunset together! What a perfect combination of the beauty of nature and your beauty!

#10. I cannot help but be drawn to you once I get a glance of you! You have that effect on me!

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