Throwing 50th surprise party? Ideas and tips for the big bash!

Look into our brilliant tips and ideas if you are on the verge of throwing a 50th surprise party for your dear one. Give them a day to remember.

Throwing 50th Surprise Party

A 50th surprise party is the one that is planned out of plain secrecy from the recipient to be a big bash. For throwing 50th surprise party that are way beyond cliché, it is very necessary that you bring a twist conventional ideas of party planning to celebrate and have a good time. For the wonderful occasion that it is, and for the grandeur of celebration that it needs, there are few ideas and tips that we have for you today to celebrate a milestone birthday, the 50th birthday!

Tips and Ideas For throwing 50th Surprise Party

Party Planning Ideas For 50th Birthday

Since you are celebrating the 50th birthday of your dear one, make sure that you choose a venue for this surprise party that can occupy your guest list appropriately. If you are planning to organize an outdoor party then keep in mind to have a Plan B just in case there is a change of weather and you need to shift the party.

Fifty is one hell of an impressive number. Reaching that age for any person means that the person has made quite many achievements, both professionally and personally. Make the guest of honour feel elated by making a list of all these achievements and reading it out in the surprise party. Turning 50 surely deserves some special attention. Some ideas that you can use for this list are –

  • 50 Facts about the birthday boy/girl.
  • 50 things to be proud of relating to the honouree.
  • 50 reasons to love the birthday honouree.

Decoration Ideas For Throwing 50th Surprise Party

Take all the 50th birthday party supplies as the base of your party decoration ideas and include to this some fun elements like balloons, bunting banners, striped straws depending on your color theme, etc. Some other cool decoration ideas that you can use while throwing 50th surprise party are –

  • Use some of the recipients best photos from his/her infant hood till date and make a number 50 backdrop.
  • Create a number 50 from colored balloons and place them at the entrance of your venue. If your party is outdoor, then this idea is surely one of the most attractive decoration ideas for a 50th
  • You can also order for simple balloons with the number 50 printed on them and make use them for decorating purposes.
  • Pick out the most hilarious pictures of the recipient and set them up through out the venue with some funny sayings and quotes that match the recipient’s life.
  • Hang 50 words printed on cute cut outs that describe the recipient and let them hang from the ceiling.

Yummy food ideas while throwing 50th Surprise party

The best suggestion that we can give you while planning for food ideas while throwing 50th surprise party are that you must include all the favourites of the recipient for sure. After all, it is their special day. Other ideas in this category can include –

  • Delicious cupcakes topped with funny insults! You can skip the insults and set them up as cute looking cupcake liners or just place them in the number 50 form.
  • For the cake, you can order a tombstone cake to tell the recipient that he/she has now become old.
  • To your finger food, you can add some lovely looking toppers of the 50th birthday theme.
  • Make chocolates of the number 50!

Lastly, Present The Guests With Memorable Party favours

While throwing a 50th surprise party it is also very necessary that each one of your guests takes away with them some remembrance of this lovely occasion. So, here are a few party favour ideas for your 50th surprise party.

Small silk/satin pouches filled with small personalized gifts depending on your budget is one of the best ideas of party favors. You can also give away small baskets of gourmet food.

If you have hired a photographer for the occasion, you can ask him to take instant pictures of all your guests of a particular size, while you keep the frames ready accordingly. Give each guest their framed picture and present it to them as a party favour!

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